In the videos today, I talk about my three favorite tools that have helped me in law school. I don’t sell them, no one gave them to me, I’m not getting paid to promote them–I just use and like them a lot. I provide links below just for your convenience.

Post-it (Super Sticky) Label Roll-be careful here as there are rolls of “label & cover up tape” that don’t list the “Super Sticky” adhesive and may not stick as well. I prefer the white, but there are rolls of colored label tape available.

Transparent Mending Tissue – simply cut a piece of the tissue about double the length of the tear, (with clean hands) peel away the backing paper of half of the tissue and place over the tear, gently fold over the edge of the page and cover the back side of the tear.

Platinum Preppy Highlighters & Refills

Jet Pens is the cheapest place that I have found these highlighters and refills, and their service is excellent. (They are available on Amazon, but be careful as the seller is in Japan so delivery is long).

The color scheme I use for marking cases:

PInk-Position/History of the case

Yellow-Issue that the court is asked to decide

Green-Holding (what the court decided)




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