My first year of law school flew by and I have trouble remembering all of the things that happened. During my externship in the D.C. area, one of our assignments was to write a few sentences every day to tell what we did so that we would have a record of our accomplishments. Overachiever that I am, I went beyond that assignment and created a digital scrapbook of the experience that I turned into a book. I am so thankful for the assignment and also really happy to have that physical reminder of that experience.

Wanting to keep that tradition, I decided to document this semester with the 1 Second Every Day app. Basically, you film a one second clip every day or use photos or video shot for other purposes. At the end of the month (or any time period), the app mashes them into a video clip that you can save and share.

For today’s Video Per Day Experiment, I give you January 2020:

This makes the month seem much more exciting than shots of me studying every day…

I hope that you find ways to document your lives and accomplishments. It is really important to have something tangible to look back to that will tell our story.

See more on the Video Per Day Experiment in my introductory post.