As my Video Per Day Experiment draws near the finish line, I reflect on a lesson that it is sometimes hard to remember:

As I mentioned in the video, I struggled with writing memos during the first year of law school. Of all the things that I thought would be hard, writing never entered my mind. Because I enjoy writing, I felt that I should be able to write. A kind professor pointed out that legal writing is different than other kinds of writing, and skill in other kinds of writing does not necessarily translate to skill in legal writing. I must say that the struggles had me second guessing my choices.

Since 1L year, I have written several memos. I won’t say that it has gotten easy, but it has been less of a struggle. When I sat down this week to write the memo for an assignment, it was significantly less of a struggle. I am thankful for that–it gives me hope that my legal writing will be perfected with time and practice.

When things come easy for us, we forget about the struggle that others face. We also tend to be less sympathetic toward others that are struggling. I hope that I hold onto this lesson as I move forward in life.

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