Two years ago, I was thrust into a leadership role in a student group called Legal Launch Pad at Michigan State University College of Law. This was not something that I sought out, but I believed in the mission of the group and wanted the group to continue. When Professor Carla Reyes who runs the

As my Video Per Day Experiment draws near the finish line, I reflect on a lesson that it is sometimes hard to remember:

As I mentioned in the video, I struggled with writing memos during the first year of law school. Of all the things that I thought would be hard, writing never entered

I titled this post early influences because today’s video for the video per day experiment addresses things that have influenced me while I have been in school. Thus, I consider them early influences for my future legal career.

Without a doubt, participating in the social media contest here at Michigan State College of Law

You may have picked up that I like to write. What may not be so obvious is that I like to write about what I want to write about. This can be a problem with school assignments. Not wanting to do homework is not so unusual; when it presents itself as a complete writer’s block,

In today’s video, I give my thoughts on the pundits who counsel that this is such a bad time to go to law school:

My perception of these articles is that they focus on the traditional path of working for a big law firm. If students are willing to realize that the path traditionally

My parents were both teachers at a small college. My mom taught nursing and served as the school nurse. Yet, I remember that she made special desserts for each holiday. For example, she made an Easter Bunny cake complete with a basket full of eggs one spring. I’m not sure why this stands out so

The video per day experiment has been great because I am getting to know people around the world and in different professions. I received so many encouraging comments on social media from the group in response to my video about grades. It was truly heartwarming! After that video, the grades for the fall semester

Today’s video focuses on grades in law school. Give it a view, and then scroll down for further thoughts:

Law students spend a lot of time agonizing over exams and grades. Being in school, this seems somewhat normal. However, law school throws an additional twist into the mix. In law school, each student is

When I started the video per day experiment, I was worried about being able to talk for a minute. Turns out that has not been a problem. What is a problem is thinking that I can tackle a topic in one minute. So, today, I am starting a law school life series that will continue