In today’s video, I give my thoughts on the pundits who counsel that this is such a bad time to go to law school:

My perception of these articles is that they focus on the traditional path of working for a big law firm. If students are willing to realize that the path traditionally lauded as “successful” is just one of the available paths, then they may see a much broader field of options. Of all the arguments that these doomsday articles tend to bring up, the high cost of law school is the issue to which prospective students should give serious thought.

At this point, I am quite certain that coming to law school was a good decision. I suppose my confidence may waiver a bit if I get to next December without a job in the wings, but I am confident that will not be a problem. Somewhere, the perfect position for me is waiting or waiting to be created.

Feel free to reach out if you believe that position is within your organization.

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