Before I came to law school, I was concerned about what I would do if something happened to my parents while I was in school. They are both in their 80’s, so having issues is becoming more of a possibility. However, it turns out that emergencies can arise where you least expect them. Less than

There is no shame in being wrong about something unless you are unwilling to see the error in your thinking. I readily admit to mistakes because I know that I have learned from them. Sometimes the lessons are harder to grasp than others, and sometimes the consequences are difficult. Learning from mistakes can sometimes be

My parents were both teachers at a small college. My mom taught nursing and served as the school nurse. Yet, I remember that she made special desserts for each holiday. For example, she made an Easter Bunny cake complete with a basket full of eggs one spring. I’m not sure why this stands out so

The danger of making assumptions is an easy mistake that we can make every day. I explore that thought and how my assumptions almost kept me from a book series that I have enjoyed more than any in quite a while.

I listened to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse’s series about Mycroft Holmes on

It has been fun “meeting” new people through the video per day experiment. I truly enjoy learning about new places; this has been very useful since I married someone in the US Navy. Through the years, we moved multiple times and I feel fortunate to have experienced so much of our country. In the video,

The video per day experiment has been great because I am getting to know people around the world and in different professions. I received so many encouraging comments on social media from the group in response to my video about grades. It was truly heartwarming! After that video, the grades for the fall semester

I am a sucker for a good podcast and today’s video for the video per day experiment gives a glimpse into some of my favorites. I am limiting today’s selection to those that are not related to the law so they have a broader appeal and I will discuss legal podcasts in a future video.

Today’s video focuses on grades in law school. Give it a view, and then scroll down for further thoughts:

Law students spend a lot of time agonizing over exams and grades. Being in school, this seems somewhat normal. However, law school throws an additional twist into the mix. In law school, each student is

In the videos today, I talk about my three favorite tools that have helped me in law school. I don’t sell them, no one gave them to me, I’m not getting paid to promote them–I just use and like them a lot. I provide links below just for your convenience.

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